Issuing Tax Invoices and Pro Forma Invoices for Customers

1) Are tax invoices issued by Slevomat or me as a company? is merely a provider, i.e. we cannot issue tax invoices for end customers. You solely rent the space for presentation etc. from us. Any purchases are made by the customers from you. You, as the service provider with whom the customer enters into a sale agreement, must issue such documents.

The subject of our cooperation is the rent of a business platform (which also includes the rent of our bank account where you receive funds from the customers); therefore, issuing any invoices in our name is also not possible.

2) How about the commission?

You should issue a tax invoice for the full amount paid by the customer.

Within the framework contract between us and you, we send you revenue receipts – i.e. the voucher price minus our commission. We issue a commission invoice for the commission. There is no need to worry, this is not going to cause problems in your books.


A voucher costs CZK 300. Our commission is 30 %, i.e. CZK 90. In the promotion you have sold 100 vouchers.

If you are asked to, you issue a tax invoice for your customers for CZK 300; such documents are entered in your books. Once the promotion has finished, we send a tax invoice for our commission (fee for the lease of our business platform) which also includes the commission for all vouchers. You include the invoice in your books as a cost item.

3) What is pro forma invoice?

A pro forma invoice is not a tax document; it is just an advance invoice which is not included in the books. A pro forma invoice usually has all the necessary elements of a common tax invoice. However, the data is informative and is only used as support material for the payment.

4) What are pro forma invoices used for?

Most often, customers need a pro forma invoice for their employers, for instance if they are buying holiday trips via FKSP.

5) Who issues pro forma invoices? Zľavomat or me?

As the customer enters into a sale agreement with you, it is necessary for you to issue an invoice with your company ID and other elements. However, as the customer is ordering on, you state our payment details. Therefore, state 238400856/0300 (ČSOB) for the account number, you will get the variable symbol from the customer who gets it from the order.

6) My accounting system does not cater for pro forma invoices. What shall I do?

Download the template, which is then just filled in (xls format for Microsoft Excel).