What can you find in the billing and commission invoices?

The most important information concerning finances can always be found in your Partner Interface. The billing for the promotions and commission invoices for the given period can be downloaded from the Interface. This way you can always check how much money should be sent to your account.

Total sales (lowered by the commission and the value of unredeemed vouchers) are paid gradually according to the date of redemption of the voucher.

Redeemed vouchers are included in your billing three times a month, on the 2nd, 11th and 21st day of the month.


In the pdf document can be found a summary of redeemed vouchers and the calculation of the revenue that will be sent to your account for the given period (e.g. 11th February – 20th February).

The breakdown of billing of each promotion can also be found in this document. This part should make it easier to check the amount of the redeemed vouchers and the amount of the commission.


As a part of the financial settlement between you and us, we send you your revenue – that is the price of the voucher minus our commission. For this commission, we issue a commission invoice for each of the promotions separately. The invoice is already set off against the funds collected for the voucher sale (is paid) and it serves as a document to your accounting.

In the case the vouchers were not redeemed, 100% of the value of the voucher belongs to Slevomat, that is why the amount of unredeemed vouchers appears on our final commission invoice. On this invoice you will find the unredeemed vouchers marked as “Provider’s special fee”

More information about billing can be found here.