Virtual credit cards: Instructions for your reception

We follow trends, but we prefer to create them. As one of the first, we bring you an innovative payment method – a virtual payment card.

Card creation and application procedure:

Because each voucher can be used separately, a unique payment card will be generated for each booking at a total value of the voucher.

For example, one order with two vouchers can serve as a gift for two different people, so there will be two different reservations.

How to create and apply a virtual card?

1. Make a reservation in the

2. On the day of arrival, a unique virtual payment card is generated for each voucher in the night / morning hours. If you make a reservation on the day of arrival, the card will be generated in return and ready for use.

3. The card number, including validity, is accessible via the partner interface for each booking.

4. Enter your virtual payment card information into your payment terminal where the transaction is validated and you withdraw money from our card. Basically, as if the customer paid at the reception desk with a card, he can immediately get a tax document.

5. After validation, the card will be invalidated. Card data will remain available at the affiliate interface, for example, for back-up check.