Partner Interface Guide

The partner interface gives you all the information you need in one place. You can make reservations, download reports of payments and used vouchers, participate in discussions and much more.

  • Promotions

The Promotions tab shows an overview of all promotions (active and rejected) and sales status. You can also create a new promotion here.

You can open a promotion to find even more information about purchases, the duration of the promotion or voucher validity. You can open a preview of the voucher.

  • Vouchers

The Vouchers tab lets you filter used vouchers, which is particularly useful for your operating managers. The filtering enables easier reviewing of applied vouchers and is also useful whenever there is a misunderstanding and you need to check the exact time when the voucher was applied and how.

  • Booking

On the Booking tab, filter and download an overview of submitted reservations. It is as well an option to create a new booking in case you do not have Termino.

  • Billing

Important information about finances can be found on the Billing tab. Here you can download financial reports for promotions and commission invoices for a selected period, which let you check how much money we’ll send to your account in a given period.

Because you already receive the money when the order is paid and it’s yours from the start, you are responsible for issuing tax invoices and VAT payments to customers. You can download overviews of these payments for these purposes in this tab.

  • Discussion

  • Rating

Partner Interface