Responding to Discussion Entries

How do you answer a question?

For the entire duration of the promotion, including any potential extensions, please monitor the discussion and only answer relevant questions aimed at you.

You manage the discussions in your interface, that is, where you are used to managing everything else as well. Once you have signed in, just select “Discussion” in the top menu.

We will alert you to new questions

As soon as a customer makes a discussion entry we will automatically send an alert to the e‑mail address given as your contact address. The link supplied in the e‑mail will redirect you straight to the interface where you can respond.

All questions are public and even any potential negative reactions must be replied to. An open and accommodating answer grants you positive points in the eyes of the other customers, too. Our experience tells us that businesses receive better customer reviews if they face up to any possible problems.

Use these functions to save your time

  • Classify customer questions as frequently asked questions which are shown straight on the promotion page. That will prevent duplicate entries.
  • Aggregate questions by the “Přiřadit pod dotaz” button. This way, one answer can handle multiple customers at the same time.
  • You can hide or modify your answer. Use the function if you think of additional information later or if you made a typo.

Positive approach scores points

Respond matter-of-factly and unemotionally to negative contributions. If a customer had a poor experience in the past, it is ideal to apologise and offer compensation.

A great response to a negative evaluation might earn you plus points and impress your potential customers. The discussion is a support tool which helps you improve your sales.

The advantages of discussions:

  • Customers have the possibility of learning additional information to support their shopping decisions,
  • Customers receive added value (someone is looking after them even prior to the purchase as such),
  • You are given an opportunity to present other advantages of your products or services.

How can a customer ask a question about your promotion?

Customers have the opportunity of entering the discussion for each Slevomat promotion. A link to the discussion is always shown in the bottom right column under the map. Clicked on, the discussion is shown with the easy option of adding entries.