Termino.eu Services – frequently asked questions

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1. How far ahead do they see customers see available dates?

2. How many hours before the service is can I still sell the offer?

3. How the voucher is applied from online bookings?

4. I can delete workplace?

5. I can cancel and delete a reservation?

6. Can I change the date after voucher validity?

7. What if I need after each customer?

8. Can I use Termino, also when I am not running an event?

9. What does it mean to me notification of a new booking?

10. Does Termino have an app?

11. What if I receive a reservation from the discount site, but I've just arranged a reservation over the phone with my regular customer?

12. Where do I change the opening opening hours?

13. What do they mean in Termine on the white and grey fields?

14. I can make a reservation on blocked days/times?

If there is something you are unsure about or there is something else you are concerned about Termino .eu is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us at booking.sluzby@zlavomat.sk.

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